theAffiliatefunnel is Born

theAffiliateFunnel was born out of a frustration with the state of the internet and home business.

If you have been on the internet for more than 5 minutes, you know that there are promises
of untold wealth everywhere, it seems all one has to do is pick one of the “click here”
and get rich scheme and off you go.

Indeed,if it were that easy, no one would work and we’d all simply sit at home getting

It turns out that not only does the click here and get rich scheme not
work, there are literally thousands of ways to get separated from your money,
many employed with almost surgical skill by unscrupulous marketers seeking a
fast buck.

So, to make a long story short, I got very, very upset with the things I saw and
decided to create something that literally works for EVERYONE. Bold statement I
know, but true with the caveat that you actually have to work at it yourself.



There is no free ride here, but there is a system of team building that will help
you create a previously unachievable amount of success.

As cliche as it may sound, the basic premise of theAffilateFunnel is that by
helping others achieve success, you achieve it yourself. We are not here to
take advantage of anyone, but rather help everyone no matter their level of



Team Building

In order to be sure that no one is left behind, theAffiliatefunnel is structured to allow for people to literally work together in groups or teams.
Teams have a team leader who is responsible for the preparation of material to
be used by their members.

Members of the team are responsible for conducting daily marketing as created
by the team leader. theAffiliatefunnel system creates a daily schedule or
“action list” for each member to follow.

The Action List

The action list of a propietary creation of theAffiliatefunnel in order to provide
systematic approach to the task of online marketing. The internet is one HUGE
distraction and unless you have a specific set of instructions, it’s very easy
to fail.


So theAffiliatefunnel system creates a list of activites and you simply follow
it daily. That’s IT!

The reason this works is the power of your team.